Monday, February 23, 2009

The Dead Montage Is Dead To Me

I tried to avoid the Oscars again this year but I couldn't because it shows up in places you wouldn't expect: punk clubs, bowling alleys, laundromats. But I'll usually wade through the second half of the Oscarcast™ because I love the Dead Montage, the part of the show where they show clips of the people that have died in the past year and the audience applauds in accordance with how important they think the person was.

Well this year they couldn't even get the Dead Montage right. I mean, how hard could it be to put together? You get a list of the people that died, assemble some clips of their best-known work, put their name on the screen and then show it with a nice, moving musical score provided by the Symphony Oscarstra™.

Nope, they thought it would be a good idea to have a live singer on stage to pull focus with a ballad. Add to that the fact that the live singer was Queen Latifah who for fifteen years was a rapper, talk show host, sit-com actress, and released the first album she sung on the same year Avril Levigne released her second.

What's worse is that for the Dead Montage segment of the show they kind of forgot to feature the actual montage. They showed the montage on large monitors on stage and then shot the monitors from across the damn room so you couldn't even read some of the names of the people featured.

Show the f-ing dead people full screen and let me figure out how important they are by how much applause they're getting, dammit! That's the whole point of the Dead Montage in the first place!

Who is that? Ricardo Montleban? I don't know! Did they show Khan? Who can tell? They're shooting the freaking monitor from a crane 200 feet away!

And though there's always omissions I thought it was pretty glaring to omit George Carlin. Granted he wasn't a big movie star, but anyone who was in both Car Wash and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure deserves to be somewhere between a couple of producers I've never heard of. He was Fillmore in Cars for crying out loud!

To make my point to the Academy in a way they can understand: I'm going to project this post onto a wall, videotape it with my webcam and then post the video on YouTube.

And finally, KHAAAAAN!!!!

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I've been Huffington Posted!

The folks over at Huffington Post via a site called have reposted my Friends/Sugar Ray bit from YouTube, which is pretty dang cool.

Check it out!

Though I'm not sure what 'prankies' are. Anyone?