Saturday, February 12, 2005

Ah, Sweet Southern California

I was in L.A. the week before last and had so much fun I didn't even feel like going near the internet, hence no posts. Now I'm preparing for a trip to Minneapolis in the dead of winter and I was going to write a whiny email about cold and travel and being away on Valentine's Day, but why not concentrate on the good things and thank everyone in L.A. for a great time?

I was there to do an industry showcase at the Improv in Hollywood, a great club where it's always a treat to perform. It was especially fun because some of the Chicago comics I knew when I started out that live in L.A. now were hanging out and got to see my set, which I was really happy with. It's always hard to pick which material to do for an industry show and I think I was successful in picking material that showed them who I am without sacrificing the funny for the personal.

Socially the week was a blast. I pricelined two nights at the Hilton on Sunset, a.k.a. The Riot House where all of the rock and rollers stayed back in the day. I also got to hang out with one of my best friends, Brian, who took me around to some really great bars. Yes, L.A. has some really great bars, nonbelievers. If you ask me nicely I may tell you what they are.

And I couldn't have had a better week to be out of the cold and frigid snow belt. It was 70's and sunny all week, I hiked up Runyon Canyon a couple of times, I got to hang out in the green room for a Jimmy Kimmel Live broadcast and I caught up with a lot of people.

Well, that didn't really work in cheering me up about going to the frozen fjords of Minnesota, but at list it kept me from bitching.