Tuesday, July 22, 2008

False Sense of Accomplishment

Over the weekend I spent an uncomfortable amount of hours in front of my computer thanks to a hard drive failing. Luckily enough it had an extended death scene, like a good guy in an action movie (the good guys take forever to die, the whole battle or fight or whatever gets put on hold so they can have their scene while the bad guys always die instantly... except of course for the main bad guy who looks dead but comes back for one last scare...)

Tangent. Sorry.

My point is, I had time to back up data and such, so I bought a new internal drive, cloned the old drive, booted it up and proceeded to pat myself on the back.

I decided to go through the applications I use most often to see if they were all working properly. Browsers? Check. Email? after importing some settings, check. InDesign? Check.

Photoshop? No check.

No problem, I'll just reinstall it.

No check. The Photoshop installer won't run.

How about Microsoft Word? No dice, and a reinstall didn't improve my situation vis a vis the dice.

I log into my backup account and both Photoshop and Word work, indicating it's probably a user problem, a permissions problem, or maybe I didn't burn enough sage before starting.

Well, here's where it gets fuzzy: at some point, after two dozen restarts holding down various keys to clear various things, I get nothing but text. I have crossed over into something called "single user mode" which people have tried to convince me is a very advanced Unix environment but to me looks like D.O.S. circa 1982.

My brain hurts at this point, my vision is blurred. Perhaps I've gone back in time. I'm having anxiety attacks thinking I need to run numbers on Lotus 1-2-3 and recover my Wordperfect file on what Reagan's first year in office means to me.

I can't get the command line to cooperate with me, I even typed in "I command thee to restart!" Nada.

This means it's time to reinstall system software, which I can't help but think is like lobotomizing my poor computer. But I gotta do it. It's for its own good.

Lobotomy successful, the computer comes to. At least, the main drive does. My second drive, with an older operating system which I need to run Pro Tools because they haven't updated their software yet, is inaccessible. It keeps telling me I don't have permission to access it.

I don't have permission? It's my bloody drive! If I don't have permission, who does?

After three long days at 6-8 hours per day, I get everything up and running (mostly) and I do a victory dance. In the middle of my dance I realize that I'm only celebrating getting back to where I was before all of these problems happened and I haven't actually accomplished any of the crap I needed to accomplish: last minute travel arrangements for my Edinburgh trip, flyers for my shows at the fringe, updating sites, sending out a newsletter...

...which I guess I'm not doing now either because I'm blogging, but oh well. I'll put this in the 'updating websites' category.

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