Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Shows I'm pitching to HBO involving other ethnic stereotypes...

Now that HBO no longer has The Sopranos as their cash cow, they're going to need new dramas too keep people ponying up their $11.95 a month. As a writer I'd love to pitch them some ideas for new series, so I figure I'd better capitalize on what they do best: blatant ethnic stereotyping!

Italian-Americans involved in organized crime is just the beginning! Their new series Big Love, is about Mormons who--you guessed it--have many wives!

With that in mind, I have several pitch ideas for the good people at HBO.

Idea #1:
A show about an Indian-American family who own a convenience store. Vipul and his wife have clawed their way to America and have set up shop in a gritty, urban neighborhood hoping to give their kids a better life. Their kids become enamored with thug life and the world on the street. Vipul Jr. starts a gang of his own when the Omaha Crips reject him, and his sister Amishnaya falls for the leader of a Latino drug ring. "American Bangalore: Someone Needs a Price-Check on the American Dream."

Idea #2
A show about Latin-Americans who play baseball and have many, many children. The Diaz family floated to America on a raft made of inner tubes, plywood, and love. They’re just like any American family, Mom drives the kids to soccer practice, it’s just in a cherry 77 Monte Carlo with a chop top and hydraulic shocks. With twelve kids and forty-three cousins there’s no end to the story lines we can explore.

Idea #3
Don’t forget the Jews! “The Lenders” follows your favorite members of the tribe as they try to run a family savings and loan in an industry that’s dominated by large corporations. Do they have the cash, the resources, the chutzpa, to beat the predatory mortgagers at their own game? Tune in Sunday nights to find out, or watch them On Demand any day of the week, except Saturday.

Idea #4
And to be fair, I won’t leave my own ethnic background out of the loop, so I’ll pitch a show about an Armenian/French Canadian family starring the only two Armenian/French Canadian actors I know of: myself and Adrienne Barbeau. She’ll be a wise aunt to my young single father character as we struggle to teach my kids the historic struggle of the Armenian diaspora, as well as fur-trapping and getting along with the American Indians.

So HBO, don’t freak out that your number one show is over, give me a call, I have a ton of ideas that are right up your alley.

Monday, June 04, 2007

BBC One, Baby!

I was played on BBC One Radio! I just found official online confirmation!

Maybe this will help me convince the comedy clubs over there that Brits think I'm funny.

Unless they played it as a serious piece. That would weird.

At any rate, with playing in Montreal and getting played on BBC radio, I'm having quite the international summer so far.