Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm surprised they had enough letters!

Last Saturday night I performed in Boston opening up for George Carlin, and much to my surprise my name was on the marquee! It's even spelled correctly using all the same size letters! Usually they end up having to use a sideways 'Z' or a zero as an 'O' or something.

And yes, the name of the venue is the Wang Theater, and I'm proud to say I refrained from any juvenile "wang" jokes during my set.

Afterwards, however, was a different story: "The Wang was a lot bigger than I expected" or "tonight I had great success at the Wang," and so forth.

Jokes aside, it was an awesome show. The place holds 3,600 people and it was packed. I've never performed for a crowd that big before, and Boston was generally buzzing being the weekend before St. Patrick's Day. It was the highlight of an already great weekend opening for Carlin in Bridgeport, Foxwoods Casino, and Kingston, NY. More dates with him are coming in, including Salt Lake City, Anaheim, Reno, and others. I'll post when all the details come in.

Thanks to all that have stopped by the site and my myspace page after seeing the shows, especially to those who enjoyed my Wang performance (he he).

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