Monday, May 05, 2008

Thanks NYC folks!

I just wanted to say a quick 'thank you' to all the people that came to my show here in NYC on May 1st! It was a lot of fun and there were several new faces in the crowd.

The venue was a little odd though, in that we were in the basement lounge of one of the few bars in NYC that allows smoking thanks to it being a hookah bar. Yep, along with your drinks you can order a hookah pipe and various blends of tobacco. Also, the folks upstairs apparently don't talk to the people running the music venue downstairs because the bartenders and doormen weren't too helpful when my crowd came in looking for the show. They just kind of gave off that East Village attitude in which they act like somehow the patrons of their own bar are inconveniencing them.

I guess it's all part of the New York experience, and it didn't take away from the show. We had a great time in our cozy little music spot and I should have some live shots to post soon. And now that I'm finally off of the road for a while I'm going to be able to work on some new videos. Finally! Woo!

I hope to do another NYC headlining event this summer so stay tuned.

As for the rest of you, look for me this spring and summer in:

Salt Lake City; May 16
El Paso, TX May 17
Anaheim, CA May 18

Santa Barbara, CA June 12
Visalia, CA June 19
San Francisco, June 24

San Diego, CA July 20
Saratoga, CA July 21

Edinburgh, UK Aug 6-13 (details posted soon)

info for the rest of my shows should be at my website.