Saturday, February 06, 2010

Children's Video off to a fast start!

I just posted a new video for the album version of the Children's Song and in just a couple of days it's gotten over 15,000 views! That's the fastest start of any video I've posted, even the Pachelbel Rant, which took a couple of weeks to get its first 10,000 views. So thanks to everyone who's watched it and passed it along to their friends!

It's always interesting to find out where these things end up. My sister sent me a link to the website of the local CW station in Dallas/Fort Worth because they had posted the video there! Pretty cool.

And mad thanks to Jennifer Spragg who played the frazzled and overworked mom in the video. She's a hilarious actor and writer I know from working with the New York sketch group Spurn.

And for extra fun, check out the comments section for a discussion of my lousy accent. In the live version of the song I tell people I'm going to be doing a bad British accent, but without the disclaimer in the new video people have taken it upon themselves to discuss the topic at length. You just never know what people are going to fixate on.

Happy February and such!

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At 7:28 PM, Blogger Sherry said...

Rob, First let me say that I have been a fan since I first saw the Pachelbel rant (OMG) and especially love that and Pushing Band Candy. I've shared both on Facebook and Twitter!

But about this video, Children's Song - There are funny moments, but it's almost too true to be funny! I'm raising a developmentally disabled (borderline autistic) 7-year-old boy all on my own.

He can't go to regular daycare, so I can't work a regular job. So I forged a business of my own from home online so we wouldn't be on welfare.

So the being trapped in the house all the time, trying to get things done while taking care of him, trying to work... it's pure quiet desperation at times and so very hard.

I appreciate this video; you really hit the nail on the head. Add the guilt of not giving him as much attention as he deserves because I have to make a living so we aren't homeless, and it's pretty much perfect!

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