Monday, November 24, 2008

Don't buy your iPhone on the subway

Woohoo! Just got a new iPhone! Shouldn't have bought it on the subway though.

The guy said it was an older model but this is ridiculous.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My biggest fear on election day

This election season has been long and annoying, but it will (hopefully) be over by tonight, or tomorrow morning. Some people are afraid that Obama will win, others are afraid McCain will win, but my deep, dark fear is that the winner will be, somehow, Bush.

Sure, he isn't running and term limits make another 4 years unconstitutional, but since when has Bush cared (or even known) what the Constitution says?

I'm afraid that somewhere, somehow, someone slipped an obscure provision into some unrelated bill, like they did with the U.S. attorneys and the Patriot Act, and it not only says that Bush can get another 4 years, but that he's already sworn in until 2016.

But I did vote because today, I'm the decider.

I hope.


My patriotic video just went up on! Woo!

Between and Salon it's been posted on two of my fave sites!

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