Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago

The first night of my week here at Zanies was pretty fun and relatively easy because due to a few showcase sets in the lineup I only had to do a 10-minute set instead of the usual 30. Tough work sometimes, being a comic. Ten whole minutes.

It was great to be back on Wells St. at one of the oldest school comedy clubs in the country, and I had even more fun after the show when I ducked out to an independent comedy room at a bar in Lakeview. The show was over but most of the people were still hanging out at the bar and it was a swell time.

Chicago bars are great, and I can still have a great time at one even though I'm not drinking these days. Who knew?

I better get some rest though, tomorrow I'll have to do my entire 30-minute set. Such a grind.


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