Tuesday, January 03, 2006

From the Unconscious Mind of Mencia

I am a fraud.

Must keep the audience responding so they can't see the fear in my eyes. I'll do whatever gets a reaction.

Shit, that joke I just did was kind of hacky. Did anyone notice?

There's someone in the audience not laughing. He knows that I'm a pretender!! If other people see him not laughing they'll catch on!

Must put a stop to this. Must attack!! It's him or me.

Call him retarded!

Use the voice!

Dit de duh

I think that worked. Now back to the material.


That Mexican joke kind of bombed. If I can't make fun of Mexicans, what's left? These people will ruin me, I have a family to feed!

Lean forward, point at the audience, and SCREAM!

It's working.

Hooray for German efficiency.

Please make the checks out to "Ned"


At 2:22 PM, Blogger Lisa Parker said...

Ha, Yes!
You should have included that his reason for people not laughing is b/c they're "afraid" to laugh in public, when in reality, it's b/c it's not funny.


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