Thursday, December 29, 2005

You Never Rehearse in Movies

That's what I learned this week after catching part of the movie Rock Star with Marky Mark on VH1 and the current remake of King Kong.

In the case of Rock Star, the only thing between Marky Mark getting the job as a lead singer of a band and the band playing in front of 20,000 people at an arena show is a press conference. Backstage before the concert he's nervous and we in the audience are supposed to feel nervous for him, but all I kept thinking was, "they had to have rehearsed. It's a freakin' arena show fer cry-eye. If he couldn't hack it they'd have replaced him by now."

But I guess the movie was going for that nightmare feeling where you show up for a final in a class you forget you had. It's probably better for the movie and most normal people wouldn't be bothered by it..

The case of King Kong is more troubling, however. It's opening night and Kong is the featured attraction at a new show on Broadway. When they pop up a girl in front of him as a sacrifice, Kong goes a little berserk (actors), breaks out, and wreaks general havoc on Manhattan. With a little rehearsal at a safer location, that little wrinkle could have been worked out ahead of time.

And I'm not up on my union history, but I have a hard time thinking Actor's Equity would let dozens of their members perform in a show with a giant gorilla in which workplace safety wasn't addressed. Where was the shop steward? Were the actors scabs?

But then again King Kong was three freakin' hours long. Maybe there were rehearsal scenes and I'll have to wait for the special 9-hour DVD version of Kong. When that comes out I hope there's a making of featurette that shows how they got Adrian Brody's nost to look so big.


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