Tuesday, February 14, 2006

If I'd have just brought that one cord...

...I could have posted some cool pics from Zanies, hanging around in Chicago with me buds, etc. I travel with a veritable mobile design center, but I've come up one cord short on this trip.

I do however have some video footage of a guy at the comedy club this past weekend who brought his own beer cozy. He ordered bottled beer, took out the foam zippered beer cozy he brought from home, and zipped it up around his bottle in order to enjoy his beer and the comedy that much more. Gotta admire the dedication. Brooke, the emcee last week, was kind enough to point it out and I had to use the night vision setting on my spiffy new video camera to get a good look at it, but I have documentation. It should make one of the next installments on my video blog (as soon as I get back to my apartment and start editing).

Zanies was a hell of a lot of fun last weekend, all five weekend shows were sold out and the crowds were great, even the 11:15 show on Saturday, which is usually filled to the brim with loud and unruly drunks, was fun.

I'm even hanging a couple of extra days to hit The Elevated on Wednesday, which is a great independent comedy room here in Chicago that's been running for over 9 years. The show takes place in the back room of a bar which is a good thing, because later in the night in the front room a local production company runs a rap battle where you'll find mostly white emcees hurling homoerotic insults at each other for 8 bars at a time. That show is also hilarious but for other reasons.

Thanks to all who came to the shows last weekend, stopped by the website, and said hello on myspace!


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