Monday, May 07, 2007

I'm all outdoorsy and s#$t

The day after my show in Santa Barbara (I call it "The 'Barb" but no one else does) I decided to climb a hill, Gaviota Peak in Los Padres National Forest to be exact. And here's a picture to prove to my homies back in Brooklyn that I made it to the top.

Cali rocks, btw. Last night I went to my friend's bar for a "Lose Your Pantalones" Seis de Mayo party wherein if you took off your pants at the door and donated them to charity you'd drink half price all night long. This led to a bar full of people in their skivvies dancing to a mariachi band. The mariachis looked terrified when they showed up but they caught on eventually.


At 8:34 AM, Blogger Aarón said...

Hi Rob!

I'm visiting your blog from Spain...I saw you so many times on youtube and I decided to look for some imformation about you. I suppose you're not thinking about performing a show in Spain, so We (me and some friends, they love you!)will have to travel to the US if we want to see you.

I discovered your great shows through Pachelbel Canon, and I sended you video to all my contacts (well, only to those who knows some english, you speak quite fast) and they couldn't stop laughing at it. When I tell my friend MJ that I've been writting here she's gonna die! hahah

I'll keep on coming to say thank you, please, keep are really amazing!

Aarón (Madrid, Spain)

At 10:17 AM, Blogger Clara said...

If it's just "The Barb," then you can't have "Santa Barbarians" and we couldn't have that.


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