Monday, March 19, 2007

I KNEW they were a little too creepy has always given me the creeps. Their ads are far too blatantly sexual for a reputable dating site, and the way they tout their use of background checks has always made me suspicious. Today's New York Times helps support some of my distaste for True, and hopefully soon someone will be able to prove that is a completely evil tool of the devil.

What first irked me was the juxtaposition between their purported propriety and their lascivious advertising. It screams dishonesty, or at least ulterior motives.

They tout the fact that they require all users to undergo a criminal background check when signing up for their site, ostensibly to weed out felons and married people trying to lie about their status, and they use this as a selling point to position themselves as a more upstanding company. But then their ads feature shirtless women (look closely at the ad with the woman in the pink shirt, the garment is actually her bare skin color-corrected in photoshop) gazing longingly into the camera. The headlines say things like "it's nice to be naughty" and other I'm a whore, come do me sentiments.

But if this were merely misleading advertising, it could be dismissed as someone trying to make a buck. More alarm bells go off when I hear that the company doing the background checks for is ChoicePoint, the same company that sold convicted felon information to Florida before the 2000 election and royally screwed up democracy in the process.

So not only is run by the kind of creeps that use sex to make money, they're the kind of creeps who use sex to lure people into their data-mining trap so they can turn our country into a fascist corporate state run by a bunch of arrogant Texas tycoons.

P.S. I love Texas, my mom lives there. It's just some of the businessmen that come out of there I have a problem with.


At 7:47 AM, Blogger The Doctor said...

I saw the site and it was just weird. It has a clean blue theme and all but the ads were slutty. Hehe.

At 9:51 AM, Blogger ALR said...

I agree with you about the website. It's nice to know there is still a nice guy out there. Thanks for making me and my friends laugh. I am amazed how you can be up on stage and not get nervous. Thanks again. Grandisland Neb.

At 2:58 PM, Blogger MaryFnSmithRocksYourWorld said...

I totally agree. I think that those sites are horrible. Honestly they make it seem like in order to have a relationship you have to put yourself out in a whorelike manner. thats a good way to ge a hit and quit type of person and its sad that they are advertising sluttyness as attractiveness. personally i think it is a little bit like an escort service. people are getting paid to hook people up, but they oversex their ads thus making it seem like "join us you'll get laid!".. great observation. now i wanna like debate this or something!


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