Sunday, April 01, 2007

'Rockegan' Illinois in the press

Since the club I played last weekend was so close to my ancestral home of Waukegan, Illinois, the local paper did a very nice write up on me and the show, and they even mentioned the my nickname for the hometown, "Rockegan," which means the name is now officially searchable in Lexis/Nexis, the press... it's officially "out there!"

Even cooler is that they picked up a picture of me from my website that I took myself--one of those self portraits in which you hold the camera at arms length, point the camera back at yourself and hope you got the touristy thing that's over your shoulder in frame. So now, not only did I get a nice mention in the paper that brought a few more folks out to the show, I am a published newspaper photographer.

Or at least a papparazzo.

Weird thing is, in the picture I'm actually in New Mexico on Route 66, near Tucumcari I think. Nowhere near Rockegan.

Those papparazzi follow me everywhere.


At 5:02 AM, Blogger Tana said...

hello, just say you that your show about Pachelbel (we see it in youtube) we have liked it a lot. We are from Spain ( excuse my poor english). Here, in my friend's groupe, you are the best " el puto amo" we laught a lot with you. You should learn spanish and make your show in spanish too :) ! Keep on! greetings from Spain.

Tana (

At 7:46 PM, Blogger Candace said...

It might just be New Mexico, but that sexy Buick Riviera "Boat Tail" really steals the shot! [ well, for me atleast ] -- it's that yellow, brownish looking car :P

anyways -- you should come to Austin, TX sometime! I'd love to attend one of your "concerts"

oh -- and btw -- I play the 'cello. and I also hate pachelbel :)



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