Monday, March 06, 2006

Hollywood is in Traction Today

Hollywood is in traction today after spending the entire night blowing itself. I had no idea this was Academy Award weekend when I scheduled this little West Coast excursion and I'm glad it's over. I celebrated this morning by going to the gym and I had one of those "it only takes a couple a-holes" moments.

It really does only take a couple of a-holes to ruin things for everyone. Today's example came in the form of a woman in the morning aerobics class who was doing aerobics in 6-inch heels. Big-ass stripper shoes with 6-inch heels. And she wasn't even following the instructor, just doing her own moves in the corner dressed completely inappropriately for her activity.

A lot of people would say "that's so L.A." or "welcome to Hollywood," dismissing it as just the way people are out here. But the truth is there were 12 other people in class there trying to workout like normal, dressed in normal workout gear with actual gym shoes on, and it was only one loon twirling in the corner like a chick on mushrooms at a Dave Matthews concert.

Maybe I should be more open-minded and let people do their own thing. But sometimes I wish people would do their own thing in their own home.


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