Saturday, December 10, 2005

Best Quarter-Century Ever!

So I was at a gym today in Hollywood and my choices for t.v. viewing were Dr. 90210, who was cutting up a woman and installing and/or removing various and assorted parts, or a CNN special summing up the past 25 years in quick and easy-to-digest news magazine nuggets. I opted for the latter. Yeah I'm a little squemish, so what?

The news folks got to the story of Elizabeth Smart, a 14-year-old girl that was abducted, and miraculously found alive and well 9 months later. As they showed all of the broad plot points-- missing signs, grieving parents, the mug shot of the abductor-- I wondered if they would address the religious undertones of the story, religious factors which could help to explain not only how a kidnap victim could be unrestrained in public near her home and not attempt to flee but also why she would give a false name to authorities when she was finally found.

They didn't.

I realize a news story countdown show doesn't have time to get too in-depth with any of its subjects, but they should at least put in the sentence, "by the way, the mormon fundamentalist that abducted her thought he was doing god's work by taking a 14-year-old girl as one of his seven wives."

But I guess that would involve more from the news channels than simply setting up a camera and recording someone's press conference. They say it's 24 hours of news, but it's 24 hours of 5-second sound bytes and you never hear more about a story than...

Oh look! Somthing shiny over there! A tornado! A car chase in Southern California! A fire in Baltimore! Gotta go.


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