Monday, November 28, 2005

Why Show Business is So Much Fun

Before the holiday I got an envelope in the mail, one of those 9x12 manila ones that means there's something important inside. It was from a big time talent agency. I was excited. Perhaps they had seen a repeat of my Premium Blend episode, or checked out some of the new videos on my website.


As I began to open the envelope the first thing I saw was me, or rather a postcard of my new headshot, staring back at me. I had recently sent out a batch of postcards of my new headshots to the standard list of agents, managers and casting people that I always send flyers to. I send these mailings into the void every six months or so to convince myself that I'm doing something to further my career. Never have I had something returned.

But this agency was kind enough to go even one step further, because included with my postcard was a form letter saying how they were unable to represent me (though I didn't explicitly ask them to) and that I should contact S.A.G. for a list of agents that might be interested.

It may seem like no big deal, but here's why I think it's a hearty 'screw you':

I sent them a 23¢ postcard, they spent 60¢ on postage to return it to me in a full-sized envelope along with a copy of a form letter on their stationary. Throwing it in the trash would have been free, as would throwing away every subsequent mailing from me. But apparently the workload on the temps that actually do the throwing away of postcards is too great and they need to put a stop to it.

Then again, perhaps it's not necessarily a negative. Back in my band days we considered it progress when we started getting individual rejections from record labels, so maybe getting them to respond to a mailing rather than completely ignoring it is a step up.

At this rate I should expect a phone call around 2025.


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