Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Upside of the Transit Strike

Dental Plan--Lisa Needs Braces

I wish Homer Simpson were in charge of the Trasit Workers Union here in NYC, at least he took steps to negotiate with Mr. Burns. The head of the local union has said he's standing up for working people... by keeping 7 million of them from work while causing many small businesses irreparable damage during their busiest season.

But I'm no fan of the MTA either so I'm going to try to stay out of the fray and look at the bright side, which is: without the rumble of the subways running under my street I can record cleaner vocals in my home studio.

Next year, when the strike is over (having solved very little I'm guessing) and everyone's scrambling to make up all of the money and time lost during this strike, I'll release my cute little comedy record and one can marvel at the lack of noise gates and cleaner compression used on the vocal and acoustic guitar tracks.

In fact, if the MTA workers went on strike every three years or so, that would really help me stick to a regular release schedule. Unite!


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