Monday, December 19, 2005

The Magic of the Season

Today I tended to my filial duties and went to the Post Office to send my mom and her hubby their Christmas presents. You'd think that it being six days before Christmas and the busiest mail week of the year they'd have extra people on staff, but you'd be wrong.

The line was out the door and into the cold, but on the upside it was going so slowly that by the time you got indoors you had plenty of time to warm up. I had plenty of time to ponder what I always ponder at the post office: couldn't there be a line at the post office for people who just need to mail something?

I mean call me crazy but I go to the post office when I need to mail stuff and maybe get stamps, not to put my life back together with money orders, certified mail, and refused packages that, see, they sent it but they didn't send the right part so I was going to cancel the order and they said before they could refund my money I had to return the merchandise C.O.D.

I once worked with a comedian who, at the end of the week when we got our checks, boasted that he didn't have a checking account. "I do everything with money orders, it's easier that way."

Easier? Easier than what?

I then spent the entire plane ride home pondering what could be easier than having to go the post office every couple of weeks and get money orders. I think basic training or boot camp would be easier, taking my own braces off, creating peace in the Middle East...

But I may be going back to the post office soon because if this transit strike happens the easiest way to get around town would be to mail myself to where I need to go.


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