Sunday, November 13, 2005

Scanning Day

So today is the traditional day on which my people sit in front of the computer and scan pictures. It takes a long time because there are always some surprise photos, like this one.

This is a postcard I got from the Ray Rayner show. It was a local morning show in Chicago, where there was a lot of local kid's programing back in the day. In fact on Chicago's local Bozo show, Bozo had a sidekick named Cookie whose voice Chicago area native Dan Castellaneta's inspiration for the Simpson's Krusty the Clown.

One downside to scanning day is that you also come across lots of photos from people that are no longer in your daily life, some of whom you want to stay that way. This causes lost time because you then have to build a fire. But all in all it's a fun way to spend a fall afternoon, and I was able to add some more pics to my photo galleries at my newly redesigned site.


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