Thursday, October 27, 2005

Why the White Sox Sweep is Good For Everyone

First and foremost, because now Fox can air Maid in Manhattan tonight. If you like your romance completely predictable, this is the film for you.

Secondly, the Series is over and doesn't have to go back to Chicago. It was cold and rainy enough the first two games of the Series, if they went back a week later they'd be playing on the set of The Day After Tomorrow. Chicago's a great town, but broadcasting 4 hours of 50,000 people standing outside on a cold October night is not a great showcase.

Why can't they play a World Series game in the day, anyway? It'd be 60 degrees, fall colors, it would be gorgeous. I'm sure Chicago fans would take a day off from the Bears to watch their team win its first world series since The Great War.

So anyway, congrats to this years World Champion Sox, they bested last year's champion Sox and now the Cubs stand as the uncontested best worst franchise in baseball.

I guess we should just be happy there wasn't a riot.


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