Sunday, October 23, 2005

Rockin' on Strong Island!

This is a picture of from the comedy trenches.

In case you're wondering where the comedy trenches are, well, they can be anywhere. In this case they were found in a bar called The Bold O'Donoghues in East Rockaway, NY, a lovely pub fifty yards from an L.I.R.R. stop.

The show was actually fun, but it was work because the crowd was rowdy and there's an open passageway to the bar area where, as is people's wont at a bar on a Friday Night, it was damn noisy. This is where being a rock star comes in handy, noisy bars are the norm in the rock world.

Getting there is none of the fun.

So, about 3 miles into my drive, the "check engine" light on my dashboard lights up. I've had this car over 10 years and have put over 260,000 miles on it and this light has never come on, so I didn't know what to expect. Does it mean there's a small problem that I should check in the near future or does it mean "Run for your life! The car is on fire!"

The car sounded fine, ran fine, smelled fine. I had to make the gig so, in the absence of flames, I decided to press on and check the engine when I got to East Rockaway.

I made it to the pub and pulled into the L.I.R.R. station. I popped the hood to check the engine and it was in fact sitting there where I had left it. There wasn't anything glaringly wrong as far as I could tell, so I hoped it would make it back to Brooklyn after the show. Before I left the pub I took Joe Devito's number so he could be my 'phone a friend' in case I needed help. He was another comic on the bill and he lives right by the bar.

After checking the engine again I started up the car. The check engine light didn't come on.


Wait, was this a good thing or a bad thing? If there was something really wrong with the car it didn't fix itself while I was entertaining the rowdies in the pub. Can fanbelts reattach themselves? Is my car a cyclon? Is my "check engine" light now broken?

I started to drive home. Carefully, patiently, not phased by the aggressive drunks on the road, cutting me off, weaving into my lane. They can't piss me off, I'm just happy for the locomotion.

Well, I made it home and even found a decent parking spot. This week when I have time I will 'check the engine' again. Maybe the elves who fixed it left me a note.

Or a bill for the repairs.


At 6:20 PM, Blogger secretstash said...

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At 6:51 PM, Blogger Tera said...

Sometimes, if your gas cap is loose, the 'Check Engine' light will come one.


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