Thursday, November 03, 2005

Flashbacks at the Laugh Lounge

You're probably wondering why, after doing a showcase at the Laugh Lounge in NYC that had a sold-out crowd and some of my best friends on the lineup, I would post a picture of the men's room. The show was great, all of the comics did really well and it was a fun night for everyone. So why the urinal?

It's because of the damn slate paint they have on the walls allowing people to write in chalk everywhere. The smell of chalk dust and slate was overpowering, and every time I walked into the men's room part of my brain was instantly transported back to Washington School in Waukegan, Illinois. I'm trying to get my brain together for my T.V. five-minute set and all of a sudden I'm worried that I forgot my milk money.

But maybe it was just what I needed to keep me from over-thinking the whole thing because the set went really well, and it's the first time I've showcased without the guitar, so I'm pretty psyched.

I'll be getting a video of the set that I'll post soon when I do my website redesign. And hopefully I can figure out a way to encode the smell of chalkdust into the video file so you can feel like you're there.


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