Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ricky Tiki Tacky

Kickin' it in the tiki lounge of Otto's Shrunken Head. Last night's show, hosted by Lianne Stokes and Susie Felber (from the left) featured comedians who have worked in the advertising world in some capacity. And that's Josh Comers on my right as we pose in front of a P.A. speaker that's encased in a tiki head.

The fact that they actually built the P.A. speakers into tiki heads was so cool I almost forgave them for changing the place from the drug store-themed Barmacy.

So why was I in a show of admen and adwomen? Apparently my desktop publishing work in the catalog world counts as working in the world of advertising. I won't complain, it was a great lineup and I was happy to be a part.

And yes, I've done desktop publishing in the catalog world. It's sad to think that after years of being an independent musician and comedian my one marketable skill comes from making flyers. Oh well.


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