Saturday, July 23, 2005

TDY= temporary duty

Turns out getting into Afghanistan is a lot easier than getting out. Maybe this is an elaborate recruitment scheme where they invite comics over and don't let them leave. In the meantime they take us out on patrols, qualify us on weapons and next thing you know we're enlisted.

The flight schedule is never set in stone around here, flights get diverted and cancelled frequently, and there's also a waiting list with different priorities for different people. Yesterday a flight got cancelled on us and various and assorted other things came up. We're tentatively scheduled to get out of here in about 6 hours but I keep telling the people I've gotten to know around here that I'll see them tomorrow.

I was hoping I'd have some time off in Germany before my flight back to the states but as it stands I'll probably have to get right off the transport and onto my commercial flight. Unless of course I happen to conveniently miss my flight out of Germany and then I could hang out there for a while.

I haven't had a fountain soda in two weeks and for some reason that's the first thing I'm going to get when I get back into the Western Hemisphere. Anyone know how to say "fountain drink" in German?

Mmmm, fountain drinks.


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