Tuesday, July 19, 2005


In the past 24 hours I've flown on a CH-47 helicopter (the Chinook) and a Blackhawk. Each time with an Apache attack helicopter as escort. Now I'm at a base (I won't say where, I ain't Geraldo after all) where they're shooting a freakin' howitzer. I don't know at what, I ain't asking and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't tell me.

Last night's Chinook flight was at night and there's a 3/4 moon so I could see a lot of the terrain we were flying over. The Chinook is really a great way to travel. If you need to get somewhere with a couple dozen friends and you're flying over some sketchy territory, I highly recommend flying in one of these semi-trailer-sized air assets.

Today's Blackhawk flight was intense as well. We waited on the tarmac at the base we were at last night while the Blackhawk was delayed by weather. It finally showed up and we were hustled on. I feel like such a dope getting on a freakin' batlle-ready helicopter with a guitar but there it is.

Oh, and if you see my mom or sisters, don't tell them about the flights and stuff, they'll worry. I'm guessing they don't read the blog so I'm cool.

Hi Mom! Everything's fine!

Actually, things are going very well and I'm glad I'm here.



At 9:00 AM, Blogger Susie said...

Awesome dude! Glad to have the updates... we worry about you dahlink! But basically, totally thrilled for you. Sounds great.


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