Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Blackhawks Rock!

Best Blackhawk ride ever!

We flew over some gorgeous country, much greener and far more trees than anywhere else I've seen here. We followed the terrain and flew through some valleys. So bitchin'.

I also was in a seat which required me to be on headset, so I got to listen to the crew chatter. The pilots and side gunners talked about partculars to the flight, but were also damned funny from time to time. They made a few Top Gun references and even a Princess Bride reference (The MLT sandwich line, you know, where the mutton is nice and lean).

We're getting settled in here for our last show of the tour. It should be fun, the people here said that they don't get too much entertainment coming out this way.

This morning before we left the last base we went to a bakery run by a local that's just on the edge of the base. When you order your bread they take the dough and smak it up against the inside wall of the brick oven. I ordered cinammon, Pete (the other comic on the tour, who's posted some pictures on his website) ordered a couple garlic loaves which smelled good but garlic in the morning just doesn't seem right. They don't make garlic Life cereal after all.

I'll post some of my pictures when I get back. Hope you all are keeping the U.S. neat and tidy for me.


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