Friday, July 22, 2005

On Patrol with Airborne

Yesterday the other comic and I got to go on a patrol "outside the wire" as they call it. Aside from being in a convoy it's the first time we'd been on the ground outside of a base since we got here. The Lt. Col. of the camp was really enthusiastic about showing us what they've been working on, how they interact with the locals, what their duties are.

We went out in 2 humvees and we got to sit on the back of the truck and talk with the soldiers about whatever. Kids give the thumbs up a lot, they run up to the trucks and sometimes the soldiers give out candy or pens. The kids actually ask for pens because they're going to school and starting to learn to read and write.

We climbed up a hill with the team and got an amazing view of the creek bed we drove up. The Army is building a road to connect two cities and it pisses off the anti-coalition militia (as the taliban, AQ and other jihadists are called) but the locals are happy about the progress.

On the way back from the patrol we stopped in the center of the town at the bazaar, which is a collection of shops. We had an interpreter with us and we were able to talk to the locals a little. They're friendly, the kids are curious, and it was great to have the chance to interact with some of the people of Afghanistan outside of a military base.

This trip has been amazing and if comedy never does another thing for me in my life I'm glad it afforded me the opportunity to come here.

See you cats soon.


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