Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Maybe Dominos should look into this

I've ordered pizzas before but this is insane. Here's what happened: I ordered a bunch of pizzas from a deep dish place in Chicago for a b-day party I'm having this weekend.

How do people deliver pizzas from Chicago to Brooklyn, you ask?

Via FedEx, of course, packed in boxes with dry ice.

The coolest benefit of this, one I didn't foresee, is that my pizzas now have a tracking number. I can go on the web and see at what stage in the delivery chain my pizza currently finds itself. Right now it's on a truck awaiting shipment.

I only wish I could update the FedEx info after I get it, you know, like I could post that the pizza is now in the oven. The pizza's now on the table. Joey just took an extra slice of pizza even though there are some people that haven't had any yet.

I have friends that could use tracking numbers too, especially when they go out on the weekends. "James is currently asleep in the park" or "Tim is currently flirting with your girlfriend."

See? Big Brother ain't all bad, you just have to know when to go to him for help.


At 12:57 PM, Blogger Megan said...

ROB! what pizza place did you order from? I've been craving Chicago pizza!

At 12:46 AM, Blogger Twink Schiff said...

Yes, do tell. Pizzeria Uno just doesn't cut it.


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