Sunday, May 22, 2005

Friend of the Environment

My home state of Illinois has a series of special license plates, each promoting a certain cause. In exchange for the higher fees for these plates, you get the satisfaction of donating $25 to that cause via the Secretary of State, and a special license plate to show your neighbors that you care about something and are therefore better than they are. The first of these that I remember is the environmental license plate, and it's still a popular choice. This past week, while driving in Lake County, Illinois, I saw one such environmental license plate on a GMC Envoy.

That's right, a GMC Envoy. A big, honkin' SUV.

Apparently there's no Irony plate available in Illinois.

One could argue that someone with a 4x4 is more outdoorsy and therefore more in tune with the environment, but this was a suburban mom who probably hasn't gone camping in her adult life. And if she did give a crap about nature she wouldn't be driving a 16 mpg vehicle to get groceries. If she wants to give her kids asthma why doesn't she just teach them to smoke?

I hope the state of Illinois uses the $25 to tell her she's an idiot.


At 12:50 PM, Blogger Elon James White said...

The man gets back from Rockegan and wants people beaten virtually. That poor soccer mom. She has been planning to take the family camping for years and has been so busy...

Wait. Why am I defending anonymous soccer mom?




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