Saturday, May 14, 2005

My new love affair with the J train

Oh, J Train. I'm sorry I've disparaged you in the past. It was because you were lumped in with those plebs the M and the Z.

And the Fulton street transfer doesn't do you justice, being closed on the weekends and all.

But since you've been helping out the 4 over the weekends, running from Prospect Park to Essex Street on the lower east side, I've realized how wonderful you are.

The LES was my stomping grounds when I first moved to NYC 9 years ago. I head easy access to the F train and thought nothing of hitting that area between Houston and Delancy. But when the 2/3 became my train of choice, and the D stopped running to Grand Street, it was all over.

Now I'm back. The LES has changed. More frat boys and less theaters, but there is a comedy club and a few good bars so you may be seeing more of me.

Who knows, I may even go to Williamsburg once in a while.


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