Thursday, April 21, 2005

Yoga Man

Yoga Man is a supervillain whose lair is the Crunch Gym in New York's Financial District.

He endangers and annoys the public by using the entire stretch area jumping into poses and standing on his head.

Yoga Man's power is his flexibility, which he uses to serve his pretentious activities.

Yoga Man doesn't need shoes. He works out in his bare feet flaunting the rules of the gym and creeping out other members.

Yoga Man is a lone wolf. He doesn't go to yoga class to have some yogi tell him which poses to perform, he comes to a place unsuitable for yoga and gets his feet-stink on all of the stretching mats.

Yoga Man's only nemises are liberal lesbians, half black half Jewish people, or anyone who has more hippie street cred than he.

Yoga Man leaves the gym and resumes his secret identity. He could be working in your office right now.



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