Sunday, April 10, 2005

Rob P., R&B Guitarist to the (future) Stars

It was weird to lug my amp and guitar to the neighborhood of Bowery and 2nd street and not be heading to CBGB's or CB's Gallery to play what the kids like to call Rock and Roll. Instead I was heading to Remote Lounge to play guitar in an R&B group for Candace Jones' show.

Soundcheck was a little chaotic as it seemed the guys in the both were trying to pummell us into submission with blasts of feedback through the system, but for a band that only had a couple of rehearsals it worked out reasonable well. My only glaring mistake was not wearing enough Roca Street Wear, as the evening was sponsored by The Source Magazine, your one stop destination for hip hop music and culture. We actually followed a hip hip group called Rap vs Hip Hop, and the vocals were pretty distorted so I'd be at a loss to tell you who won (might have been a draw), but the crowd was into it and their set definitely got the night going.

Then Candace went up and blew the roof off the joint with her amazing voice, and it was fun to be a part of. As a stand up comic, I'm used to being on stage and having all of the responsibility for the show rest on me, so it was really cool to just sit back and play and watch someone really talented command the stage and the audience.

And I got to play a Rufus and Chaka Khan cover, which as it turns out is something I enjoy quite a bit.

Tonight, it's back to stand-up.


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