Sunday, October 15, 2006

Kickin' it Midwest Style

I'm chillin' at my bunker here in the heartland after a really fun show down in Jacksonville, Illinois. I'll be back downstate next month for a NACA conference in Peoria, Illinois. Peoria!! Woo!!

That's the first time Peoria's ever gotten a 'woo'.

But now I'm bored. Yep. Bored.

My next show isn't until Wednesday and it's all the way near Philly so tonight I had to pick where I'm going to stay tomorrow night (I can't drive all the way to Philly and be in any condition for a show). Picking a town for an off night can be tricky because by the maps and internet descriptions you can never tell if your hotel is near anything interesting or in a creepy part of town next to abandoned K-Marts and such.

So I picked Harrisburg, PA. I figure it's the capital of Pennsylvania so there's at least got to be some bar where the legislators get drunk and bribe each other. And though I can't be sure from the map, I have a feeling that I'll be in the suburban sprawl zone near the big box retailers and the chain restaurants. Will there be an Applebee's? A Chili's? A Lone Star Steak House?

Tune in Wednesday to find out. I'll save you some leftover fried apps.


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