Saturday, May 20, 2006

Howdy from Texas

Only two things come from Texas....

My Mom's been living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area since I was in high school so I go to Texas pretty regularly. On this past trip we did the tourist thing and went to the Fort Worth Stock Yards to see their "cattle drive" where six horsemen dressed up as cowboys escort a dozen of the most bored longhorn steer you've ever seen in your life down a couple of blocks of cobblestone street in this Fort Worth historic district.

A highlight of the trip was an evening at Lagrave Field to see the Fort Worth Cats on a night where they honored legendary Brooklyn Dodgers centerfielder Duke Snider, who played for the cats 60 years ago this season. The Duke was there to say a few words and throw out the first pitch on a beautiful 80-degree night that saw the Cats come back to beat the Shreveport Sports in the bottom of the 9th.

What can be better than that, you ask? How about...


That's right, for opening weekend they had a carnival in the parking lot! See, they have way more than two things in Texas.

Good times, great oldies.


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