Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pollen Rehab

Why should only drug addicts get to go on retreats to get away from their problems? My allergies the last couple of weeks have been freakin' horrendous. Just because my problem is thrust on me by the ecosystem and not of my own making doesn't mean I wouldn't like to escape them.

I would love to check in for 30 days each spring to get the hell out of the Northeast and its tree pollen bacchanal. Though if I ever did check into rehab I wouldn't admit it was for pollen, I would still say some sort of addiction, because that would be much cooler.

Unless I get famous. Then it would have to be for exhaustion or dehydration or something.

So, next year April 15 through May 15 look for me at Betty Ford or wherever the cool people are going these days.


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