Thursday, September 15, 2005

Not bad.

O.K., so I was close to the yahoo maps time. I bet they didn't factor in Brooklyn Bridge traffic or parking in my neighborhood so I won't feel too badly about it.

On the other side, New Yorkers still drive like A-holes, showing an affinity for their car horns unseen anywhere else in the republic. They honk at everything. People in front of them, people next to them, people thinking about maybe getting in front of or next to them.

My favorite is the preëmptive honk, when you're at a red light and the guy behind you honks just before it turns green to remind you that the light may in fact turn green at some point.

I once had a guy behind me honk at me because I didn't turn into a crosswalk across which a man and woman were pushing a baby stroller. Apparantly the guy was in such a hurry I was expected to mow down a young family for him.

I didn't but I think I made the right decision.


At 3:33 PM, Blogger JenIsFamous said...

It depends ... did the baby seem like it would grow up to be a nice person? What if the baby were a future genocidal maniac? You could have saved legions. And time!


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