Friday, September 09, 2005

Best Value Inn, Pensacola, Florida

They provided my lovely accomodations for my show at University of West Florida last night. Here in Pensacola they're cleaning up damage from the hurricane that came through...

last year.

There are a lot of buildings under repair from hurricane Ivan that came through in '04, and the damage wasn't nearly what we see in Louisiana and Alabama and Trent Lott's house after Katrina, which really drives home how much work there is to do over there.

As for the Best Value, they're back on their feet providing minimal accomodations in close proximity to the city's 78 hospitals (O.K. maybe it's only 9 or 10 but there seems to be one every block). The hotel is actually an apartment complex that's been converted to hotel use, and my room was a small one bedroom with furniture even crappier than the stuff I have in my apartment. Don't they realize the reason I'm on the road so much is because I'm trying to get away from my apartment? That I'm trying to convince myself that I live in a world of free cable, tiny shampoo bottles and where housekeeping crews clean up after me every day?

I don't need to be reminded that my current income level places me squarely in the particle board/rattan furniture set.

I guess I can't call myself a player if I keep booking hotels with the words "Value" or "Budget" in the name. I should also stay away from numbers too while I'm at it. Lessons learned


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