Saturday, August 27, 2005

What planet am I on?

I don't want to say Alaska is far, but I practically had to go to outer space to get here. I had all of yesterday off and I went to the Alaska state fair up in Palmer. It was fun. I saw a lumberjack show, but oddly enough the show was based out of northern Wisconsin. I had to come to the North Pole to see a bunch of cheeseheads throw axes.

Right now I'm at a martini bar in downtown Anchorage, they have a Wi Fi set up which is pretty cool. Good internet access has been hard to find here. My hotel's only internet option is in their "business center," which is a lone PC, a multi-function fax printer thingy, and that's about it. And it has a slow connection. I mean slow. The computers in Afghanistan were faster and that country barely has electricity.

Well, I better get going. I feel obligated to buy drinks while I'm here using the WiFi but my show is in a couple of hours and there's only so many diet cokes I can down without going completely nutty.


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