Monday, July 30, 2007

Busy Weekend Part 2--New Video and a Show!

O.K., so this post won't be as exciting as the George Carlin story, but it's still fun because I finally made another episode of my video podcast Life as a Comic"!

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I premiered it at my Session at the P.I.T. show this past Saturday and it got a really nice response from the crowd. I had sent out an email promoting the premiere of the new episode in order to force a deadline on myself, so Friday and part of Saturday were spent editing like crazy in order to get it ready for the show, but it all worked out and I'm pretty happy with it.

And the show was a lot of fun too. There were some new faces in the crowd which is always fun, I got to mix in some different material, and it was cool to be back at the P.I.T. where I did my most recent one-man show.

Thanks to the folks at the sketch group Spurn for giving me their time slot for the night.

Hope you like the new episode!

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At 11:52 AM, Blogger Casey said...

Can you say WCTC(Pewaukee) haha, Im one of the red shirted kids (casey) yah talk about a rough nooner! hopefully it wasnt too bad for yah... Thanks again


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