Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wiggles scares the freakin' hell out of me

Wiggles, the freakshow from Australia that's geared for toddlers, is on Jimmy Kimmel at this very moment. There are a bunch of parents in the audience with their kids and... I'm just a little freaked out.

I mean, I like kids' music, I still watch Sesame Street on occasion, and if you disparage Mr. Rogers in my presence I'll kick your ass, but these guys... what is it?

Is it the Australian accents? Is it the fact that they're not wearing costumes and they're just a bunch of guys in their 40's in primary colored shirts and black pants? Has the child inside me died?

O.K., now it's an annoying Verizon commercial. Never though I'd be glad to see one of those.


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