Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Constantly out of my element

As a guitar playing comedian or a funny-song-singing-songwriter I kind of always feel a little out of place. And then I go and do things to make me feel completely out of place, like try to play my cello in a quartet of music teachers and Juliard Grads (see earlier post), or, what I’ll be doing this week.

This week I’ll be playing guitar in a 4-piece combo backing up the amazing R&B singer Candace Jones. You haven’t heard of her yet because this is her New York debut, but trust me, she has an amazing voice. And I’m sure the other musicians in the band will be amazing musicians, session guys or graduates of the Berklee School of Music. And then there will be me. Guitar Boy. Funny Man. Professional Idiot.

It’s not that I haven’t been in bands before, I’ve played in bands for years. And I can play the music too, it’s just, you know, out of my comfort zone. I’ve never played in an R&B combo, and I do believe that none of the bands I’ve been in has covered Rufus & Chaka Khan.

But music is music, and I love playing guitar, and sometimes you need to step out of your element to evolve. So if I make an ass out of myself I’ll recite the mantra one recites after every humiliating event that transpires: It was a learning experience.


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