Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Third Watch

Who knew it took so many people to compete with J.A.G.?

Seriously, I thought a surveilance tape at my local supermarket could beat J.A.G. in the ratings, but apparently it takes a few hundred people to make an episode of NBC cop show Third Watch. A few hundred people that have been milling about my neighborhood for the past two days.

They started Sunday around midnight when the actual NYPD started towing all the cars parked along the street. Then the temasters came in with all of their trucks, which idled loudly all night long. Now there are lighting trucks, catering trucks, and signs pointing the way to extras holding areas (in the local Jewish Temple, the chosen people, I guess).

I've seen a couple of pretend cops coming out of their cars to check in with casting (either that or they were real cops trying to break into show biz) but I have yet to see any drama. No stuntmen, no big camera cranes, no shootouts-- nothing close to the way I picture the behind-the-scenes action on a cop show set.

Bummer. Another example of how t.v. has led me astray.


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