Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Opening night, baby!

Last night the new solo show opened up at the PIT and it went off without a hitch! My director, Ritch Duncan, and I have been working every day while I also had to sneak out of town for road shows, and all of that work turned into a show that I'm pretty damn proud of. If you get the chance, come out on a Tuesday night, we have three more in October.

Tonight I get to go back to Mod to host the Comedy Pro Shop, which is a free weekly standup show that's been running since August. The lineup tonight is great and it's going to be fun to kick back and do some stand-up after working for weeks on monolgues and drama (please pronounce 'drama' to rhyme with 'Alabama' it's fun that way).

As soon as I figure out how to get pictures up on this mug I'll show you the box of cereal I got in the mail today.


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