Friday, August 08, 2008

Rob P (the imposter)'s U.K. Debut

My illustrious U.K. debut was actually postponed by a day because the first set I was scheduled to do got bumped. In the country one day and already I was bumped. Yikes. But I'll be doing that show again (hopefully) on Sunday so it's all good.

May actual debut was Thursday at noon (7 am New York time) and it was a lot of fun, even though I still wasn't quite adjusted time-wise. The day before, Liam got a great write-up in the Scotsman, the daily newspaper here, and it's definitely brought people in the last couple of days. The only odd thing for me was that the review raved about the woman who was on the bill with him the first few days of the fest, Ophira Eisenberg.

She's a friend of mine and I was really excited about her review, my only worry is that now people may be coming expecting a hilarious Canadian woman and in her place is an (equally) hilarious American guy playing the guitar.

So far no one has complained, and the shows have gone really well. Thursday was a smaller crowd of about a dozen very supportive folks, and today was almost full, and as I was walking around the streets of Edinburgh I even got recognized by someone who was at the show, which is now small feat considering there are a couple thousand shows and tens of thousands of people here to see them.

So things are improving much since I managed to make it through customs. For my trip out I'm picturing a Midnight Express-type scene of me beings stopped by the police on the tarmac and having them discover contraband comedy taped to my chest.


At 12:04 PM, Blogger Jude said...

So, did people laugh? (that's a roundabout way to ask if your humor translated well in the UK)

At 6:28 AM, Blogger Rob P. said...

Yes, there have been hearty laughs here in the U.K. and it's been a blast! I've had to figure out when I need to substitute a British idiom for the American (chips for fries, etc.) but even that has been a fun interaction with the crowd. Today's show was especially fun, a nice crowd on a Sunday noon.


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