Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Special price on new CD for 10 more days!

My new CD, Songs From The Second Floor, is finally available on CD Baby! And for the next ten days you can buy the physical CD for only $9.15 in honor of the date the CD was supposed to be ready (Sep 15)!

And if you're a downloading type person and just want the digital version, you can buy the digital album for a special price of $7.99! You can even pick and choose tracks for $0.99 each, if you're so inclined.

Be the first to review the CD on CD Baby! Release your inner Lester Bangs and write a review of the new CD to tell others how incredibly awesome (or totally lame) it is!

The special prices will be in effect until October 10th, so order now. Regular prices are $12.97 for the CD and $9.99 for the album download.

Stay tuned, the album will be posted on iTunes soon!


At 4:52 PM, Blogger Jude said...

Well, at least one of your faithful blog readers--me--purchased the CD, although I haven't listened to it yet. How many faithful blog readers do you suppose you have? The captcha below is "horker" which is just plain weird.


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