Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's a live (link)!!! It's a live (link)!!!

My new CD, Songs from the Second Floor, officially goes on sale today!

The big CD release partay is in beautiful, sunny, and no-longer-on-fire Southern California at Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles tonight at 8, but you can buy a digital copy right now at Digstation.com!

If you want to buy the actual, physical, non-virtual but still digital CD, it will be available at CD Baby later this week, and soon after that iTunes, Amazon.com and more!

Now, my marketing team told me maybe September 15th wasn't the best day to release the new CD because it will be hard to compete with Dan Brown's DaVinci Code sequel Paranoid Symbol Interpretation or whatever it's called, but I think my real competition is the self-help book The Werewolf's Guide To Life, a how-to guide for those suffering with lycanthropy, written by my friends Ritch Duncan and Bob Powers.

But I say there's room on the 15th for all of us. Stop by digstation and preview some tracks if you like, and I'll post when the album becomes available elsewhere.


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