Monday, July 06, 2009

The excesses of a Rock and Roll Lifestyle--TWO Tambourines!!

Last week I was working on my new CD (coming this fall! new tunes! available on line!) and it came time to lay down the all-important tambourine track. I was pretty sure I had a tambourine somewhere but in the many cleanups and rearrangements of stuff in my (recording) studio apartment I just lost track of it.

I simply had no luck finding an existing tambourine in my apartment, and the track had to be recorded--you can't not have tambourine in a pop song--so I went out and got the spiffy new round maple tambourine seen above on the left.

As you can probably guess, as soon as I got home with the new tambourine I had one last idea of where a previous tambourine might be stashed--with some P.A. equipment I hadn't thought about since an unpleasant, non-tambourine-related gig down at Princeton. Sure enough, within minutes of returning home with a new tambourine I found the old one. Now I had two.

Of course, I could return the new one but that would be sensible, practical, pragmatic even. So not rock and roll. I should have twelve tambourines! I should have a lead and rhythm tambourine! I should have alto, tenor, and barritone tambourines in an entire tambourine section!

And besides, I like the sound of the new, old-style tambourine better. It's got a tighter jingle with a less ringy finish. It's Motown by way of the Carpenters which makes it pretty perfect for a goofball like me. Listen for it on the new CD! (out in early September, stay tuned!)



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